Day 9 in a nutshell

Ok so the plan is to disregard my two extra large 27mm over developed follicles and keep up with the meds in the hope that batch no. 2 grow up to a decent size come Monday’s ultrasound.
How do I feel? I feel angry! Angry at just about everything and everyone around me. Negativity as well is in my very soul and I’m not a happy being. I was whinging about the cost of this seemingly wasted cycle and my friend piped up and said that’s the price he’s looking to pay for a camera he wants 😏 and I said well lucky you that you get to spend your money on fun things. I wanted to slap my inner bitch that very moment and also wanted to slap my friend. F**k all of this. I know I’m not a bundle of positivity right now but it seems like every interaction I have right now just makes me feel like my feelings are not justified, like I should be handling this all better, like I’m the only person in the world who is going through this but at the same time it is by choice so really I should just shut up and deal. Keep getting on with life the best I can. Act like my heart is not getting ripped out daily.
So that’s how day 9 of the cycle is going in a nutshell.


4 thoughts on “Day 9 in a nutshell

  1. People who haven’t gone through infertility can be so insensitive sometimes. They have no concept of appropriate or supportive things to say. Drives me mental sometimes.

    I’ve struggled to remain positive and rational while going through IVF. It’s so much going on at once, and with all the meds it is hard on your body. It’s so hard to relax and remain positive when there is so much out of our control…hang in there.

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  2. It’s so rubbish, the stims phase! I’m sorry you’re feeling so bad. I can totally relate. It’s not fun at all. I hope this means you’ll get your eggs from your developing follicles and hope it’s all done for you soon. Xx

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