Infertility timeline

2011 – conceived naturallyfebruary 2012 – birthed my daughter

February 2014 – conceived naturally. Miscarriage at 6 weeks

november 2014 – laparoscopic surgery to remove endometriosis and left Fallopian tube affected

March 2015 – appointment with fertility specialist

Test results: AMH 1.7 fsh 6.5 Antral follicle count 15

husband has health issues relating to his type 1 diabetes. Cycling delayed

January 2016 – IVF cycle #1 short protocol. 4 eggs retrieved, 1 fertilised, none to blast or to transfer

March 2016 – IVF cycle #2 flare protocol. 17 days of stims. 2 eggs to retrieve . Concerted cycle to iui on advice from specialist. BFN

April 2016 – sought 2nd opinion. Started DHEA. Start on next cycle IVF #3 down regulate long cycle protocol with new clinic. We are hopeful. Had to do a freeze all cycle as progesterone levels were too low. Collected 3 eggs, 3 fertilised. One month wait till transferred two eggs on the next cycle. One grade c and one grade b. BFN

August 2016- ivf cycle no.4 started. Antagonist protocol this time round. Stimmed for 2 weeks. 5 eggs seen on ultrasound but only 2 eggs retrieved, 2 fertilised, 2 transferred. One grade a (I’m excited!) and the other grade b (come on you little fighter) and now we wait…

success!! We are pregnant. Harmony test shows 99% chance of Down syndrome. Devastated. Cvs sampling confirms finding on my 41st birthday.  Decide to terminate on 4-11-16 at 12 weeks 5 days.

January 2017- come across text messages between my husband and a whore that he works with. It’s an physical and emotional affair that has been going on for 4 months and throughout my pregnancy and also after my termination. Currently in both individual and marriage therapy to sort it all out.