Mid 2 week wai

HOW long does 2 weeks take to go by when your waiting on it. Feels like forever. Mid way through now which i think is the worse place to be. Truth be told I’ve hit a pretty low point. Everything feels shit. Feeling like I want to pack up and relocate myself somewhere near the ocean and stick my head in the sand away from my life.
Been thinking about quitting my job lately. All the happenings there are on my mind too much. I work in the fitness industry and lately I feel like an imposter. I’ve put on so much weight, I’m not exercising due to the ivf and I’ve been comfort eating, ALOT! I guess I’m finding it difficult to retain any sort of motivation an even more difficult to try and motivate others which is my job. What to do…ill go think about it over a piece of chocolate 🙄
God just the read the above. I’m so whingy. I know I’m feeling sorry for myself but can’t snap out of it.
So physically I don’t feel any symptoms apart from some cramping and having to wee every second minute, oh and overly reactive to everything. Did I mention that? 😏 could have something to do with the shit load of progesterone I’m on also.
Haven’t tested but I’ve thought about it. Today I’m 7 days post 3 day transfer. I’ve got the kits ready to go…last time I tested early I got a positive but it was the trigger shot…devastating!!
Anyways I’m sure that won’t stop me testing tomorrow. Will keep you updated.


3 thoughts on “Mid 2 week wai

  1. I didn’t have any symptoms and I’m currently 20 weeks pregnant so don’t worry about symptoms. Also the weight, it’s normal for IVF. I have put on loads but I’m trying not to worry about it. As the pregnancy goes on, I’m just going with the weight gain. Wishing you lots of luck. X

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      1. Aww. It’s definitely a period of adjustment. I felt terrible about the weight before, but now it’s more bump than fat, I feel a bit better. And T said to me last night “How come your bum has stayed the same size?” So it’s obviously not as bad as I’ve made it in my head! Stay positive… Am rooting for you!

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