Need more days like this

I went to the beach today. My soul was being summoned. All of a sudden I had to drop everything and get myself to the water. I found myself a spot with a view and laid my head down, let the suns Ray’s heal me a little. I tried to think of it as the sun healing my soul, transferring hope into my heart. I listened to the waves crashing on the rocks and I thought about how they are relentless. No matter what they keep on coming up to the shore and crashing. I thought about the water washing over me cleansing me of all my negative thoughts.
I laid myself down on my beach towel, wrapped a towel around me, grabbed my pillow and a coffee and cocooned myself there. I escaped the world for a little today and I really friggin needed it. I stuck my head in a book and distracted myself from everything.
Need more days like this.


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