So many injections!

 So tonight I have to add in another injection on top of the two I’m taking already. I have to mix this one which is a bit daunting. It’s called Luveris and its to help stimulate ovaries. I hope it works. I go for the first ultrasound the day after next. I’m on day 6 of stimulation. I’m really nervous. I kinda don’t want to know how many eggs I’ve got sitting there. It’s the make or break of the cycle really. I’m really hoping and praying for more than my previous best of 3. I’m hopeful but also readying myself for disappoint. Better to be prepared. Is that negative thinking or self preservation?
Just did them. Mixing them up is a job in itself! You have to mix the liquid with the powder and then administer. I’m sure it will get easier as I do it more. My mum was just over when I was mixing all the meds and getting them all ready. She seemed a bit taken back from all the meds. I suppose it’s a sight if your not accustomed to it.
Anyhow felt slightly intimidated by the new drug tonight. The meds so far haven’t fazed me. I’m no longer needle phobiac. I used to pass out at the sight of a needle once upon a time. Guess what? Cured! Haha
Off to bed I go to listen to my fertility hypnotherapy session where I’ll be envisioning lots of follicles growing, a stress free retrieval and manifesting myself a shitload of luck.


6 thoughts on “So many injections!

  1. Good luck! Stims is the worst bit for me, I think, in terms of how bloated etc you feel and the idea that you’re waiting for your eggs to grow! And having to go for all the scans! Try not to worry too much as everyone reacts differently to stims and you can’t really change that. You just need to keep being monitored and hope for the best! Hopefully this new drug will help. X

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  2. Hey there. I took luveris too and it really helped with my egg quality. I agree that it’s daunting at first with all the mixing (and the air pressure) but after a couple of gos you get the hang of it…by the end of my last stim cycle I was doing it without thinking. GOOD LUCK! XXX

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