Book recommendations…

Does anyone have any book recommendations for books on healing from infidelity? Love to hear if you have 😊


10 thoughts on “Book recommendations…

  1. When I was going through this, my therapist recommended a book called “Getting the Love You Want”, by Harville Hendrix. It isn’t so much about infidelity, as much as about how to better communicate your needs in a relationship and how to stop self-defeating behaviors. But the book helped me in trying to determine if I would EVER get the love I wanted out of my marriage, and later helped me to recognize that I was not getting what I needed from that relationship and that the time had come to move on.

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  2. My therapist recommends Mending a Shattered Heart by Stefanie Carnes as a first read for women affected by sexual betrayal. It was a great starter for me in validating what I was feeling and going through. So many aha and uh huh moments.

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  3. I have a huge list, if you want them all…but I appreciated Not Just Friends. It was not an easy read and sometimes, it was triggering, but it gave me a lot of information. I still pull it out sometimes to read certain parts.

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