PGS testing or straight fresh transfer?

That is the question I’m asking myself after my appointment with fertility specialist today. I went to discuss our options with regards to trying IVF again *wince* I know I have mixed feelings about getting back on this crazy train again! Specialist was I think veering towards pgs testing for us. I had previously thought we had to develop the embryo to day 5 before they could be tested so had thought that wasn’t an option for us as we usually transfer day 3 or day 4. She said we could aim to get 10 fertilised embryos banked to then send off for testing. It would probably take me 3 cycles to do so. So if I did 3 cycles with a cycle rest between each id be done by July. All in the quest to get one chromosonally normal embryo to transfer. We talked about trying to avoid miscarriage or god forbid another pregnancy having to result in a termination. I don’t think I could handle that. In some ways it might make the process of Ivf easier as you don’t have the 2 week wait with each transfer. I suppose I would just focus on recovering between cycles rather than suffer the emotional stress that comes along with awaiting the results.

She also said that there’s no guarantee that we get any normal embryos to transfer at completion. There also a chance the embryos don’t survive the freeze and thaw process, so even if I did get one good one it could end up being not viable because of the stress of the procedure. 
I think also part of me is impatient with how long it will take to actually even get a result but then I think of all the time that my last pregnancy sucked up I can see the practicality of testing. I could of done another 2 cycles in the time in which I was pregnant and recovering from my loss. Time is not in my side. I really don’t know which way to go or how many cycles I can commit to doing. This debate has really thrown me as I wasn’t expecting to have this option. I need to decide either way before day 1 of my cycle so my treatment can be planned. 
Any advice or input appreciated guys xx


16 thoughts on “PGS testing or straight fresh transfer?

  1. I’ve also heard of a number of other women go for the approach of multiple EC cycles before transfer so as to get a bank of eggs. This is good because it means they are “younger” and then you can focus on the transfers later. I’ve only had success with FET as my hormones were cray-cray after the EC!! Not good for making a happy place for an embryo it seems (or at least this was the case for me). PGS is definitely a great thing although nothing is ever guaranteed. And be great thing is they do take the biopsy before they freeze them so no need to grow them to 5 days first. If you can afford it then it’s probably worth trying it. I had the option of PGS this time and didn’t do it simply because I had my last MC genetic tested and it came back genetically perfect (which was kind of heartbreaking in its own way). If I was over 40 I would DEFO go for the PGS though. Not sure how much that helped but I do know it’s super hard to make tough decisions when you’re feeling so fragile. Good luck. Wishing for good things only for you. 🍀🍀🍀

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    1. Thank you for your thoughtful insight. The more I think about the pgs option the more I think we will go that way. There are definitely no guarantees and I’m sorry about your miscarriage. It’s devastating but especially after thinking your embryo was sound. One day these trials of ours will all make sense. Many hugs to you xx

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      1. Good for you! I think it will give you more confidence and optimism. If you can financially, I think you’re at the stage where you may as well throw everything at it. Have you ever looked into the immune therapy side of things? I’m not sure if it’s an issue for you but if you’re checking everything else out then maybe worth considering. This time round with my FET I had the full immune protocol of steroids, blood thinners and intralipids. It was intense but seems to have helped me. I really hope you get a little one out of your next round. xxx

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      2. Yes I’m thinking this will be my last stint. It’s only 6 more months out of my life. I have the rest of my life not to have to go through this but this is really my last opportunity.
        My issue is more the age of my eggs and the fact that my reserve is low due to endo. It’s just finding that one good egg! I’m glad to hear those things have helped you. One step closer to success xx

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      3. Have you read Zita West’s book on fertility and assisted conception? She really believes you can improve egg quality with diet and lifestyle changes. I thought it was all BS for my first EC and made very few changes. Then for round 2 I made some bigger changes, virtually no booze, no caffeine and no intense exercise (bye gym and running). It was all about yoga, acupuncture and as much healthy eating as I could do without going mad (cake stayed in my diet!). Also I religiously took her expensive vitamins as did hubby and we had spectacular embryos this time. I don’t really know what made the difference but it’s worth having a look into it. Luck is also very important of course. Also I have PCOS so I have a tendency to over produce eggs (sounds good I know but is pretty awful when you’ve got 25 of them that are like 2cm wide each). Your situ sounds a bit different to mine but perhaps you can take something from it. 😘

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      4. I haven’t read it but I’ll look it up. I was seeing a naturopath last year to clean up diet and took some supplements to help with some inflammation issues I have that aren’t ideal for good embryos production. I don’t know if it helped with quality but I’m sure the better your treating your body the better results it will give you. I must say my self care of late hasn’t been great so i am a little concerned as to the impact it will have on my next collection. I thought about delaying cycle for a month but as time isn’t on my side I think I’ll just do my best from here on in 😁

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      5. Yes that’s a great plan. Start from today and just do your best! For sure you should ease off the caffeine even if you don’t entirely drop it. I know it’s hard but it’s only temporary.

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  2. I would be too scared at your age to try this again knowing what happened last time. I think of you often and I know this has to feel gut wrenching I just think after your loss chancing that again would be too much mentally. Even with the testing that is 3 cycles you will be putting your body through. Have you considered donor egg? I follow a lady who is currently going through the donor egg process – It’s not something I would have considered nor adoption but some people are fine with it. I personally have PTSD from infertility that I know I will need to get therapy for its a complete obsession for me. No matter your decision I’m sending lots of hugs and know you are not alone ever.

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    1. Yes I am scared of it happening again for sure. I keep thinking that surely it wouldn’t happen again but I felt that way about it happening the first time so there are no guarantees. I have thought about donor eggs and would go that route if I didn’t have a biological child I think.
      I can see how the allure of just one more cycle could become an obsession. I tend to be relentless in pursuit of a goal but it’s a hard pill to swallow that I can’t goal set this aspect of my life, obviously. It’s such a hard road and I thank you for your kind words of support. I appreciate it so much and send you lots of hugs and healing also xx


  3. I can see how doing several cycles and banking the embryos and testing them makes sense but it also sounds very hard on you! But I suppose at least you would be saved the mental torture of the two week waits each time. Would it have to be three rounds though, what if you had loads of embryos after one or two cycles, do you really need to wait until you have 10 embryos for PGS testing? I guess the worry is that some wouldn’t survive the freeze as you say and to increase your odds. I can see the temptation to just go for a fresh transfer but then if it didn’t work you would probably regret not going for the banking option. It’s a hard decision I can imagine. Sorry I’m not much help!

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    1. You took the words right out of my mouth. This is my exact turmoil. The specialist just advised 10 as a decent number to test and on average I get 3-4 eggs in a retrieval so I’d be looking at 3 cycles but obviously I could do less. It’s weird but I keep thinking that what if I get one good one and then it doesn’t survive the thaw. There is that chance. I do think I’m leaning towards the testing option though. Part of me wants to give this whole thing away and try and move on but another part of me says to give it one last shot and live without that regret. This is hard! Xx


  4. Been thinking of you often even though I may not always comment. Here are my thoughts.

    From reading your posts… I don’t feel like you want to give up yet. So if you feel like your journey isn’t finished, and your able to continue, do it. You need to feel like in the end you did all you could do with no regrets. I don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting to give it another go. I work with so many women who have babies in their early 40s. You are not an alone in this age bracket having children. With that being said, would I do the back to back cycles, try to build a egg reserve and do the testing? Absolutely. Yes by cycling back to back you are delaying a few possible transfers.. BUT.. you are building hopefully a good reserve, and hopefully enough embryos to test. Imagine having 8 embryos for example but only 3 were “normal”. I think its better to eliminate the 5 right off the bat instead of using potential abnormal embryos for transfers.
    I also have a thought about the possible risk in testing them. I can understand the fear about what if they don’t survive, etc. But, could that be a sign that perhaps they weren’t going to work anyway. You could look at it like by doing these things, building quantities, doing the testing… in the end you would hopefully end up with the strongest embryos who have the best fighting chance.
    And finally, with all these things to consider. Remember to take care of your mental health. This has been devastating for you so far and I would hate to see you go deeper into that dark place. We all need to go through those dark periods obviously when dealing with infertility, but perhaps you need to seriously prepare and acknowledge that this “MAY” not work and try to help yourself realize that you can be ok regardless of the outcome. (this is easy for me to say I know as I’m sitting here on the other side having come out of a successful cycle so far. But acceptance of what the future holds was the biggest thing for me to work on during this process)

    In whatever your decision, I wish you peace and comfort. You have been dealt a unfair ticket in this ordeal and I can’t imagine having the strength that you have had. You ARE a strong woman.


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