I would of loved you 

I saw a little girl about 2 years old with Down syndrome yesterday. She had a big sister about my daughters age. Her grandma was holding her and planting kisses on her cheek. It felt like my heart dropped through to the floor. She was loved, she was beautiful, she was just like anybody else waiting for the train on the station that day.
I would of loved you with all my being. I’m so afraid I’ve made the worst mistake.


4 thoughts on “I would of loved you 

  1. No hun you may feel you have made the worst mistake but children with downs syndrome do face a lot of hurdles. I hv a friend whose baby has it and she always tell me tht i m always worried abt wht will hppn to my child if i die soon or suddenly who will tc of my child the way i do. So please please be fine. Lots of love

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  2. Please don’t think like this, it will only cause you pain. You made the right choice for you and your family. Please trust this because otherwise you will torture yourself. You don’t deserve to torture yourself, my thoughts really are with you xxx

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  3. Oh hon, I’m so sorry you’re having to go through this. I know you did not make this choice easily, and at times when you start thinking like this, try to remember those reasons. You made this choice BECAUSE you loved your baby. Sending comfort and *hugs*

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  4. Oh please don’t feel like that. Remember you were only seeing a tiny part of their story. You made the right decision for you all and I think whatever you would have decided you would have sadly felt guilt either way. Xx

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