Feeling lost 

I feel so lost. The tears that were flowing have turned to a feeling of emptiness, to confusion and bleakness. I feel a little numb. My head keeps trying to make sense of everything but the more I try the more confused I become. I feel foolish. I feel insignificant. I feel alone. I feel a sense of foreboding. My body aches as though my inner turmoil is being manifested outwardly. I plaster a smile on my face and get through the day. I reply in monotone when asked how I am.
I enquire as to others welfare. Sometimes there’s only a shallow attempt from friends to enquire about me. There are no words I know but at least try. I am not diseased I’m in pain. No there’s nothing you can do to make it better but you can be a friend. Just say you’ll be there and actually mean it. I don’t know if it’s me that’s making both my head and heart hurt simultaneously.


6 thoughts on “Feeling lost 

  1. Dear woman… you’re not imagining it. Your body DOES hurt. Are you doing it to yourself? After a fashion, yes… but also NO. You’re describing grief and depression, which is not a shock to you but it’s an important reminder. Don’t let this go on too long without looking to a professional (or two) to help anchor you and get you settled as much as you can be in your new story. Be kind to yourself, let yourself be a bit muddled, reach out to those who can help you if you find that helping yourself is no longer working. You’ve been through hell and that need not be minimized.

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  2. It is seemingly the similar thing to do: just be a friend and truly be present for the one in need, yet it’s apparently the hardest thing for people to do. I hope you find this from someone,even if it’s not a friend, but perhaps a group of people who’ve been through what you’re going through. Only those who know will truly know how to react. God bless


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