Just got my results from our harmony test and am devastated. Results came back positive and/ or high risk for Down syndrome. I knew we would be high risk considering my age but can’t believe this is truly happening. It’s not diagnostic but considered pretty accurate. We see our obstetrician as soon as possible to discuss it further but in the mean time I’m a complete mess. Devastated doesn’t even come close. I think the next step will be diagnostic testing.
Probably clutching at straws but has anyone heard of false positives with this test?


12 thoughts on “Devastated 

  1. I’m sorry to hear this. I have a neighbor who did IVF to get her only daughter and I asked her god hear why she didn’t try for a second. She told me it was because she did not freeze enough eggs before she hit her late 30’s and she was not willing to risk downs as a sped teacher for our county she said there was no way she could work and then come home to that. Hopefully there is other tests that may give more answers. That’s a really hard one because it isn’t 100% accurate that the child would hav it! I will be praying.

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  2. I am so sorry. How awful to be facing this. I hope that you can do further testing to find out for sure so you know what you are dealing with. I’m not sure how accurate those tests are, I hope your doctor can help you decide how to proceed. Wishing you and your husband lots of strength over the next few weeks

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  3. I’m not trying to give you false hope, but I’ve read a lot of articles on how those tests aren’t at 99.9% accurate as they claim. For one, they’re not FDA approved, so they can kinda get away with stuff. Nevertheless, we did Materni21 in 2012 for my son after we had elevated AFP blood tests and I was relieved when it came back fine, but looking back, I wasn’t fully convinced until the birth of my son.Praying for you!

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  4. I’m so sorry this is happening – sending you big hugs. I have not had to experience something like this, but I do know people get false positives all the time. Diagnostic testing will be the next step and I pray that baby is just fine. Keep writing. We are here supporting you xo


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