5 week feels 

So I’m currently 5 weeks 3 days pregnant. My anxiety levels are still high. I just want confirmation that everything is ok. I really want to enjoy this pregnancy.
I’ve been feeling a bit of nausea. Nothing too extreme just like my stomach is empty as soon as I finish eating and I get a sick feeling like I need to eat again. Been drinking lots of ginger tea to help settle my stomach and my bet is its made worse by the anxious feeling I have. I have been welcoming the nausea though as I’ve read that it’s a good sign for a viable pregnancy. I actually read somewhere that for women aged 35+ signs of nausea decreases the average miscarriage rate to 1/5 of the average rate. So that’s promising right?
Counting down to our first ultrasound. It’s at 7 weeks so 2 weeks and counting. My husband is away on business so won’t be there with me which isn’t ideal.
I her finding myself projecting my thoughts into the future. Then i freak out and snap myself back to the here and now. Amazing isn’t it the lengths we go to protect our precious hearts.
I’m wondering if I’ll start to feel like I’m just a normal person again. One with hope for the future, with a feeling of peace and with the ability to trust myself and others and truly enjoy life again. I feel so different to the me of a few years back. I feel so battle weary that I fear sometimes that I won’t find my way back to the old me. Maybe there is no way back and maybe that’s the point of it all.


12 thoughts on “5 week feels 

  1. I like those odds related to naus9and miscarriage, wish I’d found them a few weeks back! Haha!

    I think all of this changes us. I thought I’d feel normal again after having Oliver, but I quickly learned the scars of infertility are permanent. It’s ok though. Like my dad reminds me, when I start getting all dark and twisty, if this were easy, everyone would do it. While, I don’t believe him, I do believe that we are stronger because of it.
    Hang in there! I’m thinking about you!

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  2. Glad to hear things are still moving along for you! Keep the faith. Your life these past few years hasn’t been what you envisioned. But your life in the future will be absolutely fine, and this will just be a part of your life’s story. You will be ok. Different, but ok. Better then ok. You will be happy!

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  3. What is normal anyway? I think you’re doing great! You’re probably going to start feeling worse soon, which should make you delighted. Also, even though 12 weeks is the holy grail of MC risk, I’ve heard from my friend (who is a doctor and has been through loads of fertility treatments and now has an 18 month old son) that the risk of MC goes down really dramatically at 9 weeks. Obviously it goes down even further at 12 weeks etc, but it’s nice to have markers. GOOD LUCK!!

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  4. So I’m where you were today. Today I am 5 weeks and 3 days. I’m feeling so many things like you have said here. I am so nervous. And my clinic doesn’t do a ultrasound until week 8. So I have to somehow make it to Oct 20 without driving myself crazy. 😦 My BETA last week as 2127 and they said that that was a great number for 15dp5dt. I’ve never had a BETA like that before this early on. So i’m hopeful. But I just wish I could be checked sooner. Sigh..

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  5. Oh my goodness! Congratulations! I’m over the moon for you 😀
    The waiting is so hard! You’d think the clinics would offer an earlier ultrasound considering our circumstances. Sigh…
    I just tried to keep myself busy so that the time passed quickly. Now I’m trying to do the same until my next ultrasound at 12 weeks 😁
    Keep the hope 💕 the time will pass anyways. That’s a great beta too Hun. So excited for you. Can’t wait for your updates xx


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