It’s the ray of hope that hurts…

So I did it, I tested early today. Transfer was a week ago yesterday which I think makes it 8 days post 3 days transfer. I shouldn’t of done it as I know the trigger injection could still very well be in my system. It would of been around the same time that I tested last time and got a false positive.

2 faint lines showed up and now I’m annoyed with myself…shouldn’t of done that! It’s the little ray of hope that has now sprung that kills me.



8 thoughts on “It’s the ray of hope that hurts…

  1. Oh yeah I remember testing early after my second IVF and then not knowing if it was a positive from the trigger short or an actual positive (turned into a chemical in the end..). It’s such a stressful time not knowing and driving yourself mad wondering. Try to hold off another day or two and then test again. Good luck x

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