4th round here we come!! 

So here we go again! All aboard the crazy train to god knows where. Our 3rd round of IVF failed but I feel strangely calm. I knew 8 days post transfer that it had failed. Just instinct I guess so the 5 days following until which I got my period was a time of acceptance. At 9 days post transfer I was back in my specialist office organising my next round. My frozen cycle was unmedicated so didn’t want to wait another month before taking some sort of action.
My specialist put me on a short cycle which I welcomed as the last cycle ended up taking 3 months with the long down regulation and the month wait between the retrieval and the transfer. She’s also put me on some different medication. The nurse I saw said she’d never seen a cycle plan quiet like mine before 😳 haha typical!
She’s got me taking Elanva to start producing follicles. It’s long acting and I take it once and it lasts for 5 days. Anyone had this before? The injection felt like it burnt and when I went to sleep last night the room spun. Weird. Then I start the usual gonal-f and then add in Luveris on the 6th day which apparently is like a final push for my little eggs. All pretty intense but over pretty quickly hopefully.
We also spoke about my endometriosis. I think it’s flared up again as I have pretty much constant back pain on the side effected and a 3 day light period before my actual period. Specialist said she can do some sort of deep ultrasound to check the severity of it and if this cycle doesn’t work she can look at putting me on medication to reduce the severity of it. Anyone done this before?
Off to madly google that I suppose!
Love and light to you all xx
P.s I love reading all of your blogs ladies. I’m so happy that I’m seeing so many of you have success with your cycles lately. Keep those happy, positive stories coming. Gives me so much hope. Much love cx


16 thoughts on “4th round here we come!! 

  1. My last cycle I did a short cycle as well – different drugs (menopur & gonal-f). Elanva sounds intense – thank goodness it’s only every 5 days. Have you had a hysteroscopy and laproscopy for your endometriosis? I did back in February and seemed to clear things up so far. It may all grow back again but for the time being has alleviated the symptoms. Thinking of you and sending positive thoughts for an amazing cycle.

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    1. I had a laparoscopy 2 years ago where I had my left follopian tube removed as it was affected. Specialist doesn’t want to do anymore surgery as she said it will reduce my egg reserve even more and my amh is only 1.75 😟
      Thanks for your positive thoughts xx


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