Is this the end?

Had the weirdest dream last night. Dreamt that I was signing up to a new fertility clinic and after I signed the papers I realised that they didn’t offer a rebate. I was so upset! Really upset! It felt like the final straw and I felt so stupid for not checking before signing up. I was worried about what my husband was going to say 😁 I was in a panic that we couldn’t afford it, that I couldn’t get out of the contract, that I was being taken for a ride.
I remember the nurse I was talking with in the dream was actually my daughters day carer, a lovely sweet natured lady who wouldnt even raise her voice usually. I totally let loose on her 😁 expressing my frustration over everything ivf related 😁 poor woman. Almost feel like I should apologise to her when I see her next haha
In other news I went to the toilet this morning and wiped the tiniest smear of blood ( I know too much information ) my heart sank. Is this the end?? I’m 7 days post 3 day natural FET. Sadly I think it is. I suppose the part of my brain that lives in hope will make me do a home pregnancy test anyways as I’ve still got another 5 days till I’m supposed to test.


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