6 days post FET transfer 

So I’m officially at day 6 post FET transfer. Feels like a long 6 days and I’ve still got another 6 to go until I can officially test. If by heavenly intervention I am pregnant it’s going to be a long 9 months!!
Sending so many prayers out into the universe that you have settled in little embryos. I’ve been doing reiki self healing in the hope your home is extra comfy. I’m asking for assistance from the divine source. I’ve been listening to my fertility hypnosis in the hope that visualising you nestling in my uterus helps it actually happen. I’ve been trying to think positive thoughts about the outcome and at the same time readying myself in case of a negative result. It will probably make it ache that little bit less this way…Oh big face slap to myself! Positive thoughts, positive thoughts right?


6 thoughts on “6 days post FET transfer 

  1. I also struggle with the difficulty of staying positive and sending positive energy to my womb while at the same time trying to stay realistic and prepare myself for it not working so it’s less of a fall. It’s hard.. anyway, best of luck that this is your time!!

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