So our little frozen eggs from our recent freeze all cycle have developed nicely and today was day 3. The clinic had pre booked me in for a 5 day transfer but I got a call from them today suggesting I come in for a transfer today, day 3.
Two out of the three that were thawed were still in the running. We had one grade b with 6 cells and a grade c with 5 cells. They suggested transferring both which we ended up doing. The scientist say chance of twins were only about 2% so decided to take the risk.
So now I’m officially pregnant until proven otherwise! It’s a weird feeling but I’m crossing all my fingers and toes and praying for the best. I’ve done so much work to get to this point. 2 failed ivf cycles, one iui and finally I’ve gotten to transfer. Pat on the back for me haha.
2 week wait, hello 😊


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