Buckle your seat belts 

So day 1 of our 3rd IVF cycle attempt began today. The new clinic is a little further away, about 40 minutes as opposed to 10 mins to the previous one.
My husband and I were discussing last night which payment option to go with. These clinics make it so difficult! Both clinics have a totally different system with regards to payment. In the end we decided to pay up front fees which enables us to claim more back at the completion of the cycle.
The financial strain is real especially coupled with our new house plans, trip overseas we’ve booked and still not having been reimbursed from our previous IVF cycle. I felt the strain this morning. I’m not the type to stress over money, the opposite in fact I’m pretty oblivious but I could sense my husbands stress and frustration over it this morning when I left the house for my appointment. The more I thought about the whole situation the worse I felt. The waterworks started and my drive to the clinic was spent in tears. I couldn’t stop! Stupid! I think it’s a combination of the financial strain and the realisation that I really was about to start this whole process again. I was OK by the time I arrived at the clinic and was quickly brought back to earth with a thump as I was passed between the blood test nurse, the nurse with my meds, and the nurse who took my money and then before I knew it I was done and on my way home and then off to work I went.
I also started light spotting today. Got a feeling AF is coming early which would explain the surplus of tears. I’m only day 22 of my cycle and was supposed to take the down regulation meds for a week. Not sure what happens if my period starts early. I guess it will just turn into a antagonist cycle like I’ve done previously. I’ll be disappointed if that’s the case as I really want to give this new protocol a go. Breathe in, breathe out…let’s not get ahead of ourselves hey. One day at a time.
And with that the roller coaster ride begins!


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