So we had our nurses appointment with the new clinic to discuss such things as payment options, all the little details involved with cycling with them etc. It went well and I’m set to start on the meds this coming Monday.

I really like the nurse we spoke to. She put me at ease. She said something that I will try to keep in mind which was ‘work IVF in and around your life, don’t let your life work around ivf’. I think my life is starting to be all about IVF these days. She said if i want to drink coffee than go ahead and have the two a day I would like as it makes no difference to conceiving. Wow, I’m not too sure about that but it was a relief to hear. She also said if I wanted a wine then do so too. She said that I might think about abstaining after transfer if I preferred but she suggested to just relax and carry on my life as normal. I asked about exercise post transfer and she said yes, go about my routine as per usual. I liked her attitude. I felt like I exhaled during that appointment. She said that whether the treatment is successful or not, it’s out of my control and it’s nothing I did right or wrong throughout the process.

On looking at the payment options I was also glad to hear my husband speaking about payment details on a 2nd and 3rd cycle as the subsequent cycles get less expensive the more treatments you have. We havent really spoken about how many cycles we will do and to be honest I was worried that he would pull the pin financially sooner rather than later. I feel that I can rest a little easier knowing that he’s considering more treatments if we need them. Again I exhaled during that appointment.

My first hypnotherapy is scheduled for tomorrow tonight so will update as to how it goes. I’m looking forward to learning some strategies to keep my mind positive in dealing with these wild ups and downs for this next cycle.


One thought on “Exhaling

  1. Good to hear you feeling so positive! Your nurse sounds really cool about things which is great. Hoping for a happy ending with the next round. 🙂


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