Cycle 3 nearly underway 

 Today’s the day we have an appointment at the new clinic to start IVF cycle no 3. I’m hopeful that it works this time. Praying really that it does. Here’s the protocol we are starting today. So much easier when it’s in a graph form don’t you think? Especially easy when friends ask us how’s IVF going? It’s a hard one to explain and of course no body is aware of the actual process so graph form helps.

We are starting a long down regulation protocol. A long one but we are ok with that as it turns out we would only be able to fit the one cycle in before we head on our overseas holiday in June. Our specialist said the downfall of this protocol is that if its not successful people feel that they’ve invested too much time as it spans two cycles. I’m not super keen to be on meds for 3 weeks but I was on them for 2 weeks last cycle so it’s no biggie. See what happens. Fingers crossed!


6 thoughts on “Cycle 3 nearly underway 

  1. the long protocol makes more eggs and healthier embryos for sure! stay positive and hopefully it will be time worth invested in. finally, to be honest … time flies when treatment starts … u wont even feel it that much . take care! All the best!!

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    1. Thank you. Your right once the ball starts rolling it all goes super quick! So much going on isn’t there. I’m excited to hopefully get more than the 3 eggs we have previously retrieved xx

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  2. Good luck! We did a long protocol too which was roughly the same as yours and it does take a while but hopefully the result will be worth the wait. The graph you were supplied with is very good. My doctor didn’t give me anything like this so I’m a bit envious!

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