Anxiety f**k off!!

Got this sick feeling in my stomach. Kinda like when you’ve drunk too much coffee. Body is on high alert, I feel wired but yet caffeine intake is still my usual 1.5 cups a day I’ve cut down to.
Anxiety maybe? I don’t know, maybe, most likely. Had it yesterday too. Out shopping and I had this feeling that all of a sudden I HAD to go to bed. Came home went to bed, couldn’t sleep. Was restless. Same sick feeling.
Same today. Wiped my calendar clean so that I could have a restful day. Just had a relaxing bath but yet that high alert state remains. Can’t sit still, can’t focus. Just treated myself to a chocolate. Nope didn’t help. Writing it out now. See if that helps. Hmm maybe I do need to delete caffeine from my day. It’s been my last vice that I’m holding onto. Carbs, sugar, alcohol, all gone!! Could still have decaf I suppose. Hmm might try it tomorrow and see if it helps. This feeling is shitty.
Trying hypnotherapy this week. Was chatting to a friend at work and she asked me how I’m supporting myself during this next IVF cycle. I had no answer so I’ve decided to treat myself to this. Will hopefully help me slow my racing mind and nip this anxious feeling in the bud. I’ve been down this anxious road before and it’s no fun. Guilt raises its ugly head and reminds me how much money im already spending on IVF but I’m ignoring it. I need this support right now or else I’ll send myself crazy!
Fill you in on how it goes.


5 thoughts on “Anxiety f**k off!!

  1. Sounds like anxiety to me and caffeine can make that worse but depends how much you’re having. If it’s 1-2 cups a day then it’s probably not the cause. When I feel like this I try and do something physically tiring – like running. I’m not sure if that’s something you enjoy but even a brisk walk for an hour (preferably in nature) might help take the edge off it.

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  2. HI
    I have my fet in a few days and i have been super anxious aswell. not able to sleep, relax , eat well , smile or enjoy. Today i am a bit better . i hope you are better too Caffeine is not good for fertility so kindly get rid of that bit also.

    finally about the expenses… infertility has almost ripped everyone off money… so you’re not the only one. dont bother yourself over that bit.. money comes and goes 😘

    take care and just tell your heart to relax and tell yourself how much you love yourself

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