Supplement city

So in an effort to be pro active whilst waiting for my next IVF cycle to start I’ve been seeing a naturopath. The main objective for me was to reign in my diet and start to shed a few kilos . Why does sugar have to taste so good damn it!! Of course the BIG objective is to help increase my fertility, namely my egg quality. Knowing I have endometriosis, I know that a diet low in sugar helps reduce its severity.

So this naturopath practices NET which is Neuro emotional technique. Really left field. I’m open minded but this technique was maybe even a tad too left field even for me. I’m willing to try though. The technique is difficult to explain but basically aims at getting your body to diagnose itself. It’s strange!

It’s been 2 1/2 weeks and feeling better. Not fantastic yet but definitely better. He diagnosed me with a shit load of inflammation. Inflammation and endometriosis = not good! I knew there was some issues as I have issues with my knees also of late but I seriously think it’s become rampant in my body. Ive also had multiple surgeries over the last 18 months and he explained that my body hasn’t dealt well with the anaesthetic thus causing an inflammation cascade in my body. Strangely it all does make sense.

He also told me that my ovaries were stressed. Poor ovaries, hang in there buddies, I feel your pain. They have been through a lot in the last few months.

So the prescription is to take a shit load of supplements (see above). My fertility specialist has cautioned me on taking herbs during IVF which I’m not going to do, just the supplements you can see here. They include

-DHEA (prescribed by specialist)

-LOTS of vitamin c to help with inflammation

-a preconception multi vitamin


-lymphatox (for blood cleansing and detox)

– meta b complex (help maintain energy levels and support for stress)

-oxygenics (anti inflammatory)

-biotin (supports metabolism)

-b5 drops (a b group vitamin that I was lacking in- responsible for producing serotonin. Explains my depression possibly?)

-boron drops (helps embryonic development and boosts estrogen)

…and I think that’s it! All this effort and the craziness of another cycle hasn’t even started yet. So much for time out from all of the going ons. I do feel better having this project so to speak. I want to do everything I can to aid this next cycle.

One downside is the side effects I’ve noticed with the DHEA. I’m loosing quite a bit of hair. Luckily I have really thick hair but it came as a shock when I lost so much when I washed it last. If I start speaking in a mans voice I’ll really be freaking out!! Haha

Has anyone had experience with DHEA? Has it helped? What were your side effects?


4 thoughts on “Supplement city

  1. HI!
    You’re taking amazing supplements! I have taken Co Q10 in the past and it used to give me lots of energy. Try taking vitamin c with breakfast as it can cause sleep to go away, so its a bad idea to take it near bedtime.

    Hope your plan works well for you! All the best!

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    1. Hello! Most from my naturopath except for the DHEA (prescription only from fertility specialist) and the coq10 is from the health food store arming with the pre conception supplement xx

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