The Diagnosis 

So the big 2nd opinion has been had. I had prepared myself for the worst. The worst being told that we should give up, go to donor eggs etc. and being told that we have next to no possible chance of success with IVF. It wasn’t quite as devastating as I’d imagined but it wasn’t all roses either.

She reviewed our past cycles, suggested we have new tests done as our last tests were almost 12 months ago. She reminded us that we had a 30% chance of abnormal eggs and/or miscarriage at my age. She suggested a day 3 transfer for us.

I mentioned I had tried acupuncture and she suggested not to bother with it as evidence is inclusive as to whether it improves birth rates. She said the same about DHEA that I recently started taking. Inconclusive evidence. She said the only thing she could suggest to improve my egg quality would be some sort of steroid which I can’t recall the name of the drawback being it costs $2k additional per cycle. We don’t have the additional funds for that so I think I’ll drop the acupuncture and keep on the DHEA for now. To be honest the acupuncture appointments were becoming a stress. They ended up feeling just like an extra appointment I had to try to fit into my already over loaded schedule so any stress relief they are meant to deliver became redundant anyway.

I asked about whether there was a different protocol she could recommend I try and I asked her about estrogen priming. She said I could try it but she couldn’t guarantee a better result than what I’ve had up to now. That was the takeaway message of the appointment really. She couldn’t guarantee me a better result then what I’ve had with my previous two cycles with my last clinic. I appreciated her honesty.

She ended the appointment saying that it was important that I trust in the protocol and keep positive thoughts going throughout the cycle, as it makes a big difference to success. Well yes that’s great in theory but you’ve just finished telling me how low our chances of success are and I just had to suggest a protocol to YOU which I had researched online. Forgive me for feeling a little unsure (insert sarcasm here) Is it just me or does anyone else feel frustrated with their specialist?

So looks like we are starting on a down regulated cycle at the start of my next cycle. It’s a longer cycle than what I’ve been on previously with supression before the actual stimulation begins. So I’ll be taking some form of needle for around 3 weeks instead of the usual 10 days or so…what joy! One thing I do possess is patience and resilience which I’m thinking I may need over the coming months.

Do for now I’m busy trying to distracted and trying to keep some sort of normality before the crazy roller coaster begins. I’m also trying to reduce my stress level. I’m staring with simplyfing my schedule a little. It’s harder then it sounds at least for me it is. Got to try.


2 thoughts on “The Diagnosis 

  1. Oy… I find it so interesting that she blew off any of the holistic health care and then said that it was very important to stay positive and just trust her, as if the latter was any more helpful. As for me I do acupuncture not because I think it’s really going to physically make the difference but rather because for me it’s ridiculously relaxing… I pretty much almost passed out under the needles for an hour and I love it 🙂 I know what you mean about having to advocate for yourself and ask questions because there really is no perfect fertility specialist… we had our choice between three clinics where I live and one of them was so mean that we refuse to work with them and the other we learned from a support group of other infertile couples that they were just a clusterf*k to deal with, so while there are certain things about our RE that make us crazy, he’s definitely the kindest person we’ve met with the most warm and welcoming staff. And for all the money we’re paying for this we definitely need that good treatment. He doesn’t offer any nutritional guidance or volunteer a million types of tests, but when I advocate for myself and ask him about the latter, he is very receptive ( and has an in-house acupuncturist for transfer day if I want it, which is more to get you all relaxed for the procedure and to relax afterwards, which I love). I talk to my naturopath when it comes to the holistic stuff 🙂

    I honestly think the only people who are truly positive are the ones who already had success getting pregnant through their fertility specialist! 🙂

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    1. Yes it certainly was strange her blowing off any kind of holistic support. She said considering my age I don’t have the time to experiment. I think a lot of these clinics are a clusterf*uck to deal with unfortunately. I’ve been lucky to have some lovely nurses that I see at the clinic. Can’t wait to be on the successful side of all this! xx

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