Infertility timeline

  • 2011 – conceived naturally
  • february 2012 – birthed my daughter
  • February 2014 – conceived naturally. Miscarriage at 6 weeks
  • november 2014 – laparoscopic surgery to remove endometriosis and left Fallopian tube affected
  • March 2015 – appointment with fertility specialist
  • Test results: AMH 1.7 fsh 6.5 Antral follicle count 15
  • husband has health issues relating to his type 1 diabetes. Cycling delayed
  • January 2016 – IVF cycle #1 short protocol. 4 eggs retrieved, 1 fertilised, none to blast or to transfer
  • March 2016 – IVF cycle #2 flare protocol. 17 days of stims. 2 eggs to retrieve . Concerted cycle to iui on advice from specialist. BFN
  • April 2016 – sought 2nd opinion. Started DHEA. Start on next cycle  IVF #3 down regulate long cycle protocol with new clinic. We are hopeful

2 thoughts on “Infertility timeline

  1. You and I share a very similar timeline. I conceived naturally in 2011, birthed my son in January 2012, conceived naturally in March 2014 but miscarried at 6/7 weeks. We haven’t started any IVF cycles yet, our first will be starting in a few weeks. I’ve been doing acupuncture, naturopaths, fertility testing, everything in hopes that we would achieve another natural pregnancy. I wish you well in your journey. Sometimes people say I should be thankful I have one, and I do completely agree, but at the same time, it makes it just as hard because we know what we are missing out on. We are completely justified to be devastated by secondary infertility. Infertility in general is so brutal. Good luck!


    1. I will be following your journey and wishing you the very best of luck also.
      People say the same to me but it doesn’t make it hurt any less and I agree that knowing what I’m missing out on is hell. My daughter is so amazing and the reason I’m trying so damn hard for this to work. I’m not ready to accept the idea of not having another yet, not at all so until then I’m going to perservere through this shit storm that is IVF and not take no for an answer.
      Keep the faith! Xx

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